Friday, December 26, 2008

Back !

Hey Ya'll ! :D

Im Back ! Came home at 12.00am yesterday. So basically celebrated my christmas night on a plane.

okay, so I'll blog about Vietnam today. :)

Vietnam Vietnam. Hmm..

2/3 of the road are motorbikes.

They get really angry and upset when u dont buy they're stuff. seiously. Shows face and mumbles in vietnam. very rude.

The public toilets are impressively clean. no smell.

First time holding a gun and shooting it. Not those pistol . the big one. Wah, seriously can go deaf one i tell u .

Mah brotha from the same motha. Yes, He's that much taller than me and he's freaking 12.

Thats all for now. too many pics. :D


Get well soon SOO HUI ! :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Picture taking over words

The pictures from the 6y reunion.

Most of the guys who went.

The Girls that went

these are the people who went for the 6y reunion. plus another 3. 2 went to the tiolet and 1 went to uhmm.. pak tor.

Out !

Friday, November 21, 2008


Sorry la haven't been updating. I have absolute nothing to blog. .. but now ! i have something to blog. thats y im blogging. :D

Went for my standard 6s class reunion. In curve. Me and Jade got 18 together. or is it 19. but anyways. Not bad i guess. Everyone is still the same, seriously. But their looks, quite a few the same but some change a lot. I dont have the pictures right now. its with Jadeline. Im gonna post it up when i get it. :D

So, Jadeline told me to bring the book. U know the book where u ask ur classmates to write. the one. the book is really priceless. Lol.


Name : Chen Theng yen
class: 6y ( some will say " same as u lo")
age: 12
Favourite food: ....
Favourite drink:..
Favourite movie:..
(yeah u get the crap)

anyways, wat im trying to say is. EVERYONE wrote their bad friend as sushi king. We call him that because he's name is Su si ching ( chinese's ping yin). HAHAHHA. There one girl even wrote. Bad friend : Sushi King ( the worst person in the world). HAHHAHHA. He was really irritating back then. He didnt go to the reunion. because he lost he's phone.

So, would i say i regerted getting them back together and have a reunion? I dont think so. I mean, its been three years since i've seen them. Some is in Dj so i see them almost everyday.

So, thats it for now ! :D will post up the pictures.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So, .. Im bored.

Went swimming yesterday. I've got sunburn ! :O Will post up pictures when I get them. Stay tune. : )

And :

Jadeline has moved to Blogspot. Its PLEASE TAKE NOTE. Get it right. double o and triple e. Re-link her. :D

Alright. Im done here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday, I attended my relative's wedding. but indirectly related. I don't even know her weihh. Lol. The food was supprisingly not bad. But the karoke, OMG ! noisy. chinese summore. I don't really understand wat they're singing.

anyways, here is ONE picture from the swimming I went with Amelia, Soo and Kae Yi.

And maybe one more. :D Im lazy to post it all.

For more photos please log on to Soo Hui's Blog. :D